Our Mission Statement

The CISS TDI GmbH is a technology company that procures geodata for businesses and the public sector, processes them using its own tools and makes them available via platforms. With our passion for geospatial information, we have been contributing to a sustainable and digitized society since 1982. Simplified access to high-quality geoinformation is one of the most important building blocks, as around 80% of all data worldwide has a spatial reference.

Our Core Offerings

More information about our offerings can be found on our German web site.

We provide geodata. 
For example, ALKIS cadastral data or real estate data in DXF, SHAPE, NAS/XML format as well as aerial photographs (DOP) and topographic maps (DTK).

We analyze, refine and integrate geodata.
For example, we upgrade AutoCAD DWG sources including CITRA® quality assurance, Smallworld migrations and warehouse solutions.

We develop geodata portals.
For example, OZG compliant geodata stores for internal as well as external data provision.

We advise on and research complex geodata.
For example, we are working on potential area analyses for wind power plants as well as on the topics of artificial intelligence (AI) and open data.

Selected References

Our customers are primarily utilities and waste disposal companies, telecommunications companies, transportation companies, software houses, public administration (cities and municipalities, state surveying offices), but also increasingly architecture and engineering firms as well as all companies whose business models are based on digital data ecosystems.

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